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Experienced & Reliable 

Building Visions,
Shaping The Future

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Approved Training Organisation

DvH Ltd is a Civil Engineering Training, Design and Construction Consultancy with over 35 years experience. We seek to promote sustainability by proposing eco-friendly solutions to clients and agencies. Our future sees the extension of the range of services and training courses that we offer.


Training, Design & Consultancy

construction worker

Construction Training Courses


Two day CITB Accredited Course

Temporary Works Coordinator 

One Day CITB Accredited Course

Temporary Works Supervisor

Half Day DvH Appreciation Course

Rail Environment Temporary Works

Course Requirements

  1. All prices quoted are subject to VAT.

  2. You will also receive an email asking you to complete pre course information forms. These must be completed prior to the course. If you do not complete these forms, you may not be allowed to complete the course. 

  3. Prior to the course you will receive a Teams link and further information regarding the course.

  4. You must bring government ID (passport or driving license) 

  5.  You must attend every day of the course and complete the exam at the end. 

  6. You must read the CITB Rules. 

  7. You must have a suitable and working internet connection and an adequate computer.

  8.  You must take the course in a private space without contact with others.

  9.  You must be able to speak, read & write in English.

  10. The course is online.

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs


DvH provides the following duty holders to the rail industry. Contractors Responsible Engineers (CRE), Design Managers and Contractors Engineering Managers (CEM)

Engineering Assurance

We ensure that our clients receive the best possible design solutions by using experienced design managers to oversee the entire process.


Part of systems engineering which addresses the process of identifying and then monitoring the stakeholders needs and systems required functionalities.


The assessment of the practicality of a proposed plan or method and the production of a feasibility study that considers all of the critical aspects of a proposed project.

Feasibility Studies


We Believe Every Client Is a Valuable Long-Term Partner

Google Reviews
Dave Davey has a huge breadth and depth of experience in Civil Engineering, Rail Engineering and Design Management. His insightful and personable approach as well as his commitment to achieving the required results give me great confidence to recommend DvH's services.

Karsten Scholer

DvH Ltd offers a range of design consultancy services in the construction industry and has a team of engineers with years of experience. DvH also offers training in temporary work and other areas with valuable knowledge.

Friendly team with a very supportive environment, great management, and great expertise in the field. Great corporate culture and safety is always a high priority. It has always been a motivating and learning experience at DvH.

Minhaz Uddin

DvH supported me as the Design Managers on the Perry Barr station re-development project. The service provided by David Davey was second to none - a real pleasure to work with.

Subeagh Singh

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